Untangling my personal relationships has been at the heart of my journey through life so far.

Learning how to have good relationships with the people that you care about most can make or break your happiness & quality of life on this planet.

And ultimately, I’ve also learned, it’s a journey to the self….

“Know thyself” was the highest wisdom in ancient Greece, written over entrance to the Oracle of Delphi.

I dedicate this website to sharing:

  • Myself, including my own self-knowledge & how it has come about through my intimate relationships
  • What I have learned from untangling highly complex & difficult relationships within my own family, friendships, & love life
  • What I’ve learned from living, loving, & socializing in hyper-social NYC over the pat 8+ years
  • My experience with the “twin flame” phenomenon
  • Incredible relationship teachers I’ve found, & how what they all say adds up to a few very simple things

I hope that what I share here helps you to find happiness & no less than your own piece of heaven on earth in this lifetime!

Please post any questions or comments below.  And — I look forward to sharing so much more with you soon.